Haute Dish is turning three!

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Haute Dish turns three and invites you celebrate with them with a special five-course tasting menu of HD classics

Downtown's favorite haute 'diner' celebrates their venture into mid-toddlerhood as the restaurant known for its own distinct take on Midwestern cuisine turns three-years-old this weekend. The restaurant will be celebrating with a special five-course tasting menu composed of several of their classic dishes that helped to make them a fast Minneapolis favorite.

In addition to the special tasting, all week long the folks at Haute Dish have been dishing out goodies to loyal their customers. Haute Dish patrons can win things like t-shirts, gift cards and various fancy meats!

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The much beloved Tator-tot Hot Dish
The special tasting menu will consist of Haute Dish's staple menu items including their house salad, the steak and eggs, mac and cheese, sweet breads, and their revolutionary take on the Minnesotan classic, tater-tot hot dish. For those of you that may be still unfamiliar with the concept behind Haute Dish, don't let those names fool you. Very little is what it seems when Chef Landon Shoenefeld is on the scene!

The tasting menu will go for $60 for two and diners will be able to choose a beer or wine pairing to go with dinner for an additional $15. The menu is only being offered on Friday and Saturday night, so make your reservations now while you hopefully still can!

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Haute Dish

119 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN

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