Herkimer's summer sports leagues are back

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Courtesy of the Herkimer
Herkimer's outdoor sports stadium.

For over 13 years, The Herkimer has been serving up more than just beer and food - they have also sponsored a variety of sports leagues from kickball to bean bags.

Caroline O'Halloran, social media and marketing manager for Herkimer, tells us their roster also includes volleyball, softball, hockey, dodge ball, and shuffleboard.

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Leagues circulate throughout the year. Shuffleboard, for example, just had it's Spring finals and will start up again in August; Bean Bag begins this week and continues throughout the summer.

The teams consist of about every demographic within the Twin Cities at large. On the Herkimer Wednesday Night Shuffleboard facebook page, for example, a representative of team 'FemX' lets the other teams know they'll be coming a little late, while 'Knuckle Puck' and 'Black n' Tan' trash talk.

Herkimer Sports League.jpg
Courtesy of the Herkimer
A place for athletes and athletic supporters

O'Halloran says the leagues are a great way for friends to get together, although the competition can get fierce at times.

But there is plenty to buffer the agony of defeat. Teams pay $20 to register and for that they receive a t-shirt, a gift card in the amount of the league fees, and 15% off your bill on game nights.

Looks to us like everybody wins.

More information about Herkimer's many leagues and how to join.

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You dont exactly get a gift card for the fees....used to be simple, but now its so complex.  With a new menu that doesnt cater to that type of crowd anymore it doesnt make as much sense.  I will miss those days.

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