Pig Ate My Pizza plans to open this Friday

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Yes, but do you have this on a pizza?

After remarkably short time away from the scene, the creative crew of cooks behind the nationally lauded Travail Kitchen and Amusements have announced that they're about to unleash Phase One of their ambitious expansion upon the world.

The former home of Travail has been transformed into Pig Ate My Pizza -- well, almost. The team is pulling together the final touches on their gourmet pizza spot in the hopes of opening to the public this Friday in the space that was once Travail. This incarnation will be run by Travail vets Travis Stanfield and Matt Brown.

The restaurant promises a rotating menu filled with charcuterie, including all parts of the beloved pig. There will also be approximately 10 revolving varieties of pizza, mostly Neapolitan style. The restaurant will be open daily for lunch and dinner. So far, no dice on making reservations.

The next step in Travail's world domination by way of Robbinsdale plan will be to begin construction just down the street on the Travail 2.0's 50-seat space, where they will be serving small plates. Next will come the Rookery, their cocktail bar that will be helmed by Kale Thome and Adrian de los Rios.

Pig Ate My Pizza
4154 W. Broadway Ave., Robbinsdale

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Pig Ate My Pizza

4154 W. Broadway Ave., Robbinsdale, MN

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k2yeb topcommenter

At least there are "comparable" pizza and charcuterie options in this city so the wait shouldn't match that of the original location.  It seems the past decade has brought us many relatively original pizza options in a heavily saturated industry.

Kevin Lane
Kevin Lane

Wow, that's some fairly obvious fishin' for clicks. It's Friday, folks.

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