The Brown Derby at The Lowry: A toast-worthy drink of the week

Kelly Moritz
Honey and grapefruit transform bourbon into a delightful classic cocktail

Brown Derby
The Lowry

Maybe it's this celebratory time of the season, weddings and big graduation ceremonies, cigars and steak house celebration dinners; maybe we've just seen The Great Gatsby one too many times. Whatever the reason we're feeling very "old boy's club" in the best possible, non-gender-specific way, ready to kick back with something cold and bracing, unbutton our suit coat and unwind. A classic Brown Derby at The Lowry is just the ticket.

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As with the best bourbon cocktails The Brown Derby is simple in construction but complex in taste. Bourbon, honey syrup, and grapefruit combine to make a smooth sipper, ideal for toasting with in a petite coup glass. Earthy sweet and tart, this is a cocktail that goes down easy and will take you seamlessly from this unpredictable spring to the dog days of summer. Refreshing, versatile, and not a small amount of boozy, let the Brown Derby be your trusty old sport this social season.

Location Info

The Lowry

2112 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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