The Lexington closing temporarily for remodel

Bre McGee
The Lexington closing tonight for the summer
The Lexington, a longtime St. Paul supper club institution, has been sold to unidentified (though the Star Tribune says they are industry vets who are "widely known") new owners, reports the Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal. Starting tonight, the restaurant will be shuttered for a few months which means no pot pie for you on Grand Old Day. More seriously though, it also means that the restaurant's 65 employees will be laid off and positions will not be available again until the Lexington re-opens in the fall.

For many residents near the corner of Lexington and Grand, the big question is whether the new owners will go ahead with plans to construct the controversial rooftop patio.

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A statement released by one of the Lex's former owners John Hickey touches on the patio issue, but doesn't exactly provide any answers. From the statement:

"The renovation plans are still in design phase and how or what an outdoor service area may be has not been determined. We look forward to connecting with the city and neighborhood to discuss any plans for a patio and are committed to working with our new neighbors."

It's unclear as to why the former owners chose to sell the restaurant now before the summer season, but Hickey did previously state that without adding the option of outdoor dining, the restaurant could no longer remain vital in the neighborhood and may be forced to close its doors.

As far as food and atmosphere at the Lex, the new owners are planning to re-vamp the space but understand that the restaurant's loyal clientele would like to see their signature items remain unchanged. Hopefully the classic cocktails stay classic too.

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The Lexington

1096 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN

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Dan Mason
Dan Mason

That anti-rooftop patio nonsense is so NIMBY, grow up Saint Paul.

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