Top 10 Arrested Development eats: A Twin Cities food tour

It's time for the final countdown. In celebration of Arrested Development's return on May 26, we decided a food tour was in order. From variations on cornballs to juice, we rounded up some of the Twin Cities' answers to the Bluths' most-iconic sips and nibbles for the perfect trip around the metro. Plus, it's Memorial Day weekend -- there's a whole extra day of the weekend to wander around the cities checking these Bluth favorites off your list. Don't make a huge mistake. Try all of these.



The plush little fritters at B52 Slider Squad's food truck are so, so good. And it's worth knowing that you won't get burned by The Cornballer either.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Excuse us, we're just having a love affair with the ice cream sandwiches at Sebastian Joe's...


So it's not exactly the mayonnaise plus egg combo that Ann "Her?" Veal enjoys, but we like the deviled egg trend at Nightingale anyways.


Lucille would definitely be interested in the wide selection at Moscow on the Hill.

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And be sure to save your bones from the chicken wings. You take that home, throw it in a pot, add a potato--baby, you got a stew goin'!


Don't forget the hot ham water.

k2yeb topcommenter

It won't be what it was. You can't be cool when you know you are cool. Cool is a state of mind not a lifestyle choice.

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