Angel Food needs you! Name the Not-A-Cronut contest

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Help Angel Food name their not-a-cronut pastry by visiting their Facebook page and suggesting a name of your own.

Angel Food has come across a little problem, and they're looking to you to help solve it. If you've been anywhere in, on, or around the internet lately, you've probably heard a little something about the recent pastry craze that's sweeping New York. The Cronut, a hybrid offspring of a doughnut and a croissant, has become something of a nationalized sensation. "Originally" developed by New York baker Dominique Ansel, the concept has spurred a nationwide craze of people seeking their own localized version of the creme de la creme of pastries.

As it should happen, the Minneapolis bakery Angel Food, the saintly kid sister to hot spot Hell's Kitchen, has had its own version of the baked good for quite some time. Herein lies the issue. The word "cronut" has been copyrighted by the New York bakery, and the folks at Angel Food are looking to the general public to help come up with a new name that they can bestow upon their own take on the lavish pastry.

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Heard of the cronut? Help Angel Food come up with a new name for their version of the now famous pastry.
So, how to play? Visit Angel Food's Facebook page and leave a comment on the photo of their not-a-cronut with your suggestion. Players be warned, the word "doissant" is off the table as it appears that's what other bakeries around the country are using for their local versions of the celebrity baked good.

According to the post, the winner of the contest will get a fresh-baked batch of the yet-to-be named super food. Also, "Winner takes ALL, and by that, we mean whoever first comes up with the name we pick gets our ENTIRE first batch of cro-whatever-you-call-its on the day of his or her choice. That's about a dozen, which will have your friends following you around adoringly like puppies. Other bakeries around the country call them doissants, but meh--we can do better, eh?"

So get your engines revving and head on over to the Angel Food Facebook page for your chance to win!

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I've had these from Angel Food, and yes I was very excited about them like many others were.

They keep saying, "JD has been making these for years!"  Hate to break it to you Angel Food, but you can tell even from the photos that you are NOT selling what you claim to be...these things are seriously just normal donuts that have a slightly different shape (taller and less round).

You can even tell from the PICTURES...these things from Angel Food DO NOT HAVE FLAKY LAYERS

I don't really understand how my favorite bakery in Minneaopolis is so foolishly trying to claim to be OG on this.

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