Bourbon Oyster Shooter at Smack Shack: A protein-packed drink of the week

Kelly Moritz
Smack Shack's oyster shooters invigorate and intoxicate, with unique combinations aplenty

Bourbon Oyster Shooter
Smack Shack

Your summer game plan: baseball, brews, booze, and now, oysters. Smack Shack, of epic lobster roll fame, is once again bringing the sweet, briny salt of the sea to the landlocked Midwestern palate in the form of their $5 oyster shooters. Whether you're gearing up for the Twins or post-gaming on the town, get a lift and a buzz with this savory, slippery gourmet snack in a shot glass.

Where else can you even get an oyster downtown for $5, much less a finger or two of Bulleit bourbon? If you're new to the concept, try the bourbon shooter, and let the smoky bacon and BBQ wash over your tongue like a spicy-sweet luscious blanket laid down for the little bivalve mollusk resting at the bottom of your glass. As a meaty, miniaturized bloody Mary alternative, this drink is best taken in one swallow, oyster and all.

Best part is, the fun doesn't have to end there. With combinations to suit every whim and fancy there's an oyster shooter for one and all: Tequila meets jalapeno and fresh lime, gin mixes with cucumber and mint, Guinness and horseradish, down the hatch with hot sauce to boot. At $5 a pop, feel free to experiment. He was a bold man who first downed an oyster in a shot of whiskey.

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Smack Shack

603 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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