Brooklyn Brewery MASH: Where the Twin Cities and Brooklyn Collide

Brooklyn Brewery comes to town the week of June 17th to MASH it up with the Twin Cities

One of New York's premier craft breweries is paying the Twin Cities a little visit in a BIG way. The week of June 17-23, the crafty folks behind Brooklyn Brewery are picking up their neighborhood and dropping it off in the Twin Cities for a week of premier beer and tomfoodery in the form of a celebration that they call Mash.

The Twin Cities is one stop of 11 on the brewery's nationwide Mash tour. The event celebrates "humanities favorite beverage" by throwing a series of parties, concerts, and private diners in honor of Slow Food USA, an organization the promotes "the pleasure of food by linking it to the community and the environment."

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Brooklyn Brewery's house chef Andrew Gerson
We had the opportunity to get some information from Brooklyn Brewery's House Chef Andrew Gerson and according to him, "The Mash is our way of extending the joy we receive from the creative culture that our brewery has grown out of and to pair that with the like-minded communities that we serve outside of New York City."

Chef Gerson is currently traveling the nation working with a wide variety of chefs that also support slow food ideologies. "In each city we visit, I throw down with exciting local chefs combining their kitchen prowess with my perspective. The result is some fantastic food, great beer pairings, and pretty special meals," explains Gerson.

Mash will be headquartering out at The Happy Gnome in St. Paul where they'll sport a variety of events including a cheese and beer pairing and some special brew based unveilings. 

On June 19, Mash will also pay a visit to Minneapolis' very own Haute Dish where Gerson will work with Chef Landon Schoenefeld on a five-course beer dinner featuring some of Shoenfeld's classic dishes paired with a variety of Brooklyn brews. The menu lists things like Chilled Carrot Ginger Soup paired with Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, Rabbit + Carrots with the Brooklyn Crochet De La Rouge Riesling, and Sweet Corn Fritters with the Brooklyn Black Chocolate stout. A dollar from every ticket sold will be donated to the local Land Stewardship Project.

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Sea Change Chef de Cuisine Jamie Malone
The event will conclude on June 23 with a slow supper featuring local seafood maven Jamie Malone. The menu features a heavy offering of seafood dishes which include several dishes prominently featured on Malone's menu at Sea Change like her shaved abalone, asparagus, bone marrow, yuzu and chili, the always delicious grilled octopus, salsa verde, Spanish peppers, pimento and smoked farro. Proceeds from the dinner will go to support Slow Food USA, local Slow Food chapters, and other like organizations. 

For more info on the event or for ticket information, visit


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The year was 2001 and my then girlfriend, now wife, was attending graduate school at Columbia in NYC. On my trips out east we always went to the Brooklyn Brewery on Saturday night. Back then it was a simple, no none-sense set up with some beer tokens, a bar, and picnic tables. People brought in pizza, board games, books and made a night of it. Fast forward a few years and growth in popularity the brewery had to improve it's Saturday night open houses. Those early years were the best.  

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