Crave empire might expand to Old Chicago Uptown

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Kaskaid coming to Old Chicago

In their ever-growing empire, the Kaskaid company, owners of the Crave restaurants as well as Union, Uptown Urban Eatery, and Figlio 2.0, will likely be heading to Uptown. If the deal goes through, they will purchase the long-standing Old Chicago location on Hennepin Avenue. Here's what the whole deal hinges upon:

Kaskaid partner Kam Talebi has signed a lease for the building at 2841 Hennepin Ave. as reported by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

Old Chicago will continue operating in the location, which also has several coveted -- if sometimes difficult to navigate -- parking spaces. (Pity the person who attempts a left turn out of there.) 

If Talebi is able to secure a liquor license as well as the other city approvals for the space, they will proceed with the takeover and Old Chicago will close on November 1. The restaurant would be an entirely new restaurant concept for the company, which would be expected to open in March 2014.

Location Info

Old Chicago - CLOSED

2841 S. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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Is Crave the new Walgreens do we really need one everywhere? Can someone remember to tun off the lights and shut the door on uptown? 

Truth_Teller_1 topcommenter

Old Chicago is something left over from the '69 Hippie generation, plaid slacks, long greasy hair, 'gold' colored shag carpet.  It has to go.  Besides, the people in UpTown deserve what ever they get.   Somehow these folks seem to think they're 'special.'


Zane Holmin
Zane Holmin

crave is very overrated and overpriced. clientele is rich housewives and business men who wish they were 20-30 years younger

Matty Hedgepeth
Matty Hedgepeth

Good riddance. Super overpriced and terrible service when I went.

digitalprotocol topcommenter


bring back rocky rococos


@Zane Holmin Well, I'd rather drink and dine alongside that clientele than the current fucktard/ d-bag/ frat boys. They should buy out Williams too.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@Matty Hedgepeth all places that sell food are overpriced...

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