Deep-fried meatloaf and bacon-wrapped shrimp sticks: State Fair announces 40+ new foods

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Minnesota State Fair
Pick your poison. Clockwise from top left: Bacon-wrapped grilled shrimp on a stick from the Shrimp Shack; triple-decker ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich deep fried and garnished with raspberry and sugar from the Sandwich Stop; cold crispy caramel corn made with liquid nitrogen from Blue Moon Dine-In Theater; chocolate-coffered English toffee baked in the middle of a Belgian waffle on a stick and dipped in chocolate from Granny's Kitchen Fudge Puppies.
In its ongoing quest to stun fair-goers' taste buds into a stupor from which it takes a full year to recover, the Great Minnesota Get-Together has announced 47 new foods on this year's fair menu.

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Dedicated foodies determined to sample all the new offerings face a full plate. Many of the additions seem like brainchildren of chefs aiming to one-up the latest Only-at-the-State-Fair creations.

Take, for instance, Minnesota Wine Country's wine-glazed, deep-fried meatloaf -- served, of course, on a stick, because who uses utensils at the fair? Joining that category are ham-wrapped pineapple pretzels, English toffee fudge puppies, and bacon-wrapped grilled shrimp, all delivered on skewers.

Oh, and speaking of bacon. For 2013, Ole's Cannoli will introduce a candied bacon cannoli, while Campbell's Flavored Corndogs serves up a double bacon stunner, and the Sandwich Shop heats up curry turkey bacon melts.

Those last two vendors won't just be serving new food items; they're new to the fair altogether. Joining them will be Pitchfork Sausage, which serves its meats on pitchforks, and A Taste of Midtown Global Market, which will have food from market staples El Burrito, Los Ocampo, and Sonora Grill at different points throughout the fair. New vendors also include a gyro stand, a taqueria, and an Italian concession.

Don't think skewers are taking all of the new-menu love away from the deep fryer. At Minneapple Pie, fair-goers will be able to try an individual deep-fried pumpkin pie (with ice cream!). And the Sandwich Shop will mastermind a deep-fried Monte Cristo: That's a triple-decker ham and turkey sandwich with two kinds of cheese, fried and topped with sugar and raspberry preserves. Dinner and dessert.

These new menu options bring the total number of fair foods to more than 450, served up at 300 concession stands throughout the grounds. Check out the fair's site for a full list, and start planning your heart attack now.

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