Five ways to celebrate National Bourbon Day in the Twin Cities

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Kelly Moritz
Sure, just about every day of the year is National [Insert Random Food] Day, but today's a special one. It's National Bourbon Day, and we're inclined to celebrate our return to summer weather with a bourbon-filled concoction.

Here are a few drinks around the Twin Cities with which you can toast this boozy holiday.

Brainstorm at Butcher & the Boar
This hefty drink served in a super-wide glass is best sipped on the Butcher & the Boar's outdoor patio under the stars.

Urban Eatery's Basil Smash
A lovely alternative to the mint julep, this simple, savory drink is the refreshing remedy for any muggy summer day.

Bourbon Oyster Shooter at Smack Shack
This protein-heavy drink'll only cost you $5... and you get a smokey, little oyster in it, too.

Bradstreet Craftshouse's Black Walnut Old-Fashioned
One of our 100 Favorite Dishes of 2011, this divine drink combines Bulleit, demerara syrup, and black walnut liqueur (yes, that exists) for a heavenly twist on an old favorite.

Make your own!
Here are five bourbon cocktail recipes that make celebrating at home a cinch.

And if you're feeling up to booze of a different ilk, we've got the lowdown on the best Twin Cities Bars for all types of spirits.

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