Free tomato plant day in Minneapolis

Haberman Employer Garden Tomatoes CR: Kara Buckner x560
Stop by 1st Avenue & 5th Street in Downtown Minneapolis this morning to get a FREE tomato plant

The weird onslaught of weather has largely put spring on hold for many of us and as a result we have yet to fully get around to getting our gardens growing. So today, if you've still got some space left in your gardens, you can swing through downtown Minneapolis to pickup a free tomato plant. 

Eagan's very own certified organic farm, Garden's of Eagan, in conjunction with downtown marketing firm Haberman, are offering up 1,000 free tomato plants to all of you who are interested in giving a try at growing your own summertime bounty. The event starts at 11:30 a.m. on the corner of 1st Avenue and 5th Street right across the street from The Loon Cafe.

Get a tomato plant and try your hand at gardening
Free Tomato Day is an effort between the two businesses to get people to give gardening a try. According to their release, "Gardens of Eagan and Haberman have partnered to encourage everyone to cultivate their own garden, whether it's one pot or a whole backyard, and enjoy a bountiful tomato crop."

Gardens of Eagan is a multifaceted, certified organic farm that provides a variety of services to the community including organic food and farming education, incubator farm programs, as well as certified organic produce and plants for community eaters and gardeners alike.

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