Gogi Brothers Korean BBQ truck hits the streets

Joy Summers
Ever wonder where to get great Korean BBQ?

Finally, there's a truck serving finger-licking Korean-style barbecue on the streets of the Twin Cities. Ever since Roy Choi's Kogi truck kicked off the food truck revolution, we've been waiting for someone to bring us some mobile bulgogi. Today we found that truck.

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Joy Summers
Bring out the bulgogi

The Gogi Brothers are just getting rolling, but already plan to be at the 2nd Annual Food Truck Fair in Uptown and at other various spots around St. Paul. The menu is modest, stocked with traditional fare: galbi (shortribs), bulgogi, beef and mandu, and crispy fried potstickers.

The galbi ($9.50) we sampled were succulent, with tender meat wrapped around the oval coins of bone. They are impossible to eat in a tidy fashion. It's best to leave your civility on the sidewalk and dive in. Gnaw, suck, tug the meat free, and you'll be rewarded with a wash of sweet, smoky, rich beef flavor. It's like candy for carnivores, served with a pile of slightly sticky white rice and a heap of kimchee the same bright red-orange color as the truck. The funky, tangy condiment is just spicy enough to enliven a Minnesota palate, without punishing the Scandinavian tongue.

Joy Summers
Cruncy and succulent pot stickers

The pot stickers are tanned, crispy, bubbled, and chewy. The stuffing is a tender mix of meat and cabbage served with a side of salty, soy dipping sauce.

There's finally great Korean barbecue available from a food truck in the Twin Cities.

Gogi Brothers

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