Great Food Truck Race filming in town this weekend

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Racing into two local breweries this weekend

There were rumbles on Twitter yesterday and today it was officially announced that the Food Network's Great Food Truck Race is rolling into the Minneapple. We have the details on where you can check them out.

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Beginning at noon this Saturday at 612Brew one competing truck will set up shop, along with several local trucks. Over at Indeed Brewing there will be even more local trucks as well as the other competitor.

The trucks competing on the show don't yet know what their challenge will be. 

The local food truck rally was organized with the help of the Minnesota Food Truck Association and has been christened the Great Nordeast Food Truck Ambush.

At 612Brew at noon trucks will include local guys Bloomy's Roast Beef, Motley's Crew, and Starlight Diner. Competing on the show will be the Tikka Tikka Taco Truck who are known for their Indian/Afgahni street food fusion from St. Louis, Missouri.

Over at Indeed the local representatives will be Gastrotruck, The MidNord Empanada truck, NateDogs and Hola Arepa (arriving at 2pm).  Competing for the show will be the Samboni Truck who specialize in Philly Cheesesteaks straight out of Philadelphia.

Location Info

Indeed Brewing Company

711 15th Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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it's mentioned at the very beginning... are crazy.

Ty Rushmeyer
Ty Rushmeyer

Am I crazy or is it not mentioned once what day this is on (Saturday or Sunday)? I'm assuming Saturday


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