Jake's Street Grille: a new restaurant-run food truck

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Joy Summers
From outside the city to the downtown streets

With locations in Eagan, Eden Prairie, Maplewood, Plymouth, and Gull Lake, Jake's City Grille knows what its customers love. But how do they transfer their casual neighborhood hangout vibe to the downtown city sidewalks? We stopped by the new food truck Jake's Street Grille for a little downtown Minneapolis lunch.

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Jake's "award-winning" wings came with the dubious menu quotation marks. When I asked the adorable young lady who took my order where where the award came from, she said she wasn't certain. I decided to assume that the reason for the quotes was that they felt they were deserving of an award.

Joy Summers
"Award winning" wings
They were, unquestionably, delicious wings. Meaty and kissed by the grill flames, the wings are tossed in a Teriyaki meets Buffalo sauce and sold for $9. They're a little sweet, but leave behind a pleasant tingly burn on the lips, easily cooled by a swim in the blue cheese sauce or a nibble of celery.

Two for the price of one
Mini burgers were $8 and came with a side of fries. The fries were still a little frozen inside and seasoned with salt and pepper. The burgers were crispy on the outside with alluring blush pink interiors and incredibly juicy. They were topped with a square of cheddar cheese and fried onions, and cradled in a sesame seed bun that had been toasted on the grill.

Joy Summers
Chop chopped and stuffed into a pita
For those looking for lighter fare, there was a chopped salad available for $7. Mixed greens, green onions, chicken, blue cheese, tomatoes, and dried cranberries are tossed in a poppy seed vinaigrette and loaded into a pita. While the wings would be unwieldy to eat on the streets, this was much more mobile food.

All of the dishes are easy to imagine ordering in a comfortable booth, packed with friends, generously sized frosty beer in hand, but they're also easily enjoyed on the urban streets of Minneapolis.

Jake's Street Grille

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