Minnesota brewing through the eyes of Minneapolis mayoral candidates

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We've been following the race for Minneapolis mayor as things heat up this summer. While there's still some time before we'll know the outcome of the race, Hot Dish can't get enough of how the Twin Cities political and culinary scenes intersect.

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Twin Cities beer-centric magazine the Growler recently caught up with each of the candidates and talked about their views on beer, politics, and where the two collide. The six mayoral hopefuls discussed Sunday liquor sales and a few of them divulged their favorite local brews which included nods to Surly, Fulton, Town Hall Brewery, and Dangerous Man among others.

We've put together this graphic for you featuring some of the candidates' best quotes from the Growler about their thoughts on Minnesota brewing.

Who supports sipping brews on Sundays, and could Sunday liquor sales on the horizon? Find out more of the candidates' stances on the Growler's website.

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