Minnesota chefs read their terrible Yelp reviews [VIDEO]

Ah, Yelp, the go-to magnet for wannabe reviewers and genuine foodies alike to vent and gush about their favorite eateries. National website Eater wrangled up a few chefs at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado, to read some of their worst Yelp reviews. Among the talented chefs getting chopped by their reviewers include some of Minnesota's most-beloved.

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If you've ever wanted to see Andrew Zimmern talk about his "ghetto-trailer kitchen" AZ Canteen or Jamie Malone chat about how her Sea Change patrons would have preferred to check out bowling alley cuisine instead, it's your lucky day.

Watch Zimmern, Malone, and a handful of other good-sports taking the heat from their reviewers:

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As someone who has worked in various service industry careers over the last 20+ years, I get it,   some complaints may be valid but I  do find that many of the things people complain about are hilarious, don't make sense and are just another outlet to vent.  I do understand that many of the ranting crazed angry negative reviews are about things that really are not understood, and written by people who will never be pleased by anything and will always find something to complain about.   Thankfully,   there are sMANY who write reviews on Yelp, who do it  very well, are articulate, give honest opinions with out falsely inflating the negatives, and support and love the establishments that they frequent.   

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