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Courtesy Heyday Twitter account
Raw, gutted, and ready for buildout: Heyday coming soon to Lyndale Ave.
A few weeks ago news broke that Jim Christiansen was leaving his post as the executive chef of Union, the multi-level see-and-be-scenery in downtown Minneapolis, to open a new restaurant with Loren Zinter, former general manager of La Belle Vie. That new restaurant is Heyday, a still-evolving concept that will occupy the old Sunnyside Up Cafe space (as well as the adjoining laundromat) that's set to open in December.

Zinter revealed a few more tidbits to the Southwest Journal regarding the set-up of the interior and the research he's doing with Christiansen to develop Heyday's menu.

The space is looking really raw as of now, but plans are coming together to build a large bar with seating for 70 people that will serve as the focal point of the restaurant's interior. There will also be a separate "intimate" dining space with room for about 70 more guests. Rosalux Gallery founder Terrence Payne has been commissioned to do a large scale art piece of some sort for one of the walls. 

As far as food, Zinter and Christiansen are still keeping it close to the chest but have been traveling and tasting throughout Chicago, New York, and Miami to see what's working in other major food cities and to get some design inspiration too.

Winter, thankfully, is still many months away, but in the meantime you can follow Heyday on Twitter for straight-from-the-source updates.

Location Info

Sunnyside Up Cafe - CLOSED

2704 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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rvm4 1 Like

I thought you said this is going to be in Uptown? It's almost not even in LynLake. (Here's a hint: if you have to walk more than 5 blocks to see the Uptown Theater sign, you're not in Uptown.)


The Southwest Journal link is wrong. Linking to a CP article instead.

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