One, Two, Three Sushi Launching Two More Locations

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One, Two, Three Sushi is expanding their Minneapolis reach with two new locations

First the folks that brought you the original Masu Sushi & Robata in Northeast Minneapolis gave us a new location at the Mall of America. Then they opened One, Two, Three Sushi, a fast casual version of their sushi and ramen concept, in the skyway level of the IDS Tower. Now they're reaching out again a few months later to launch two more of the fast casual sushi restaurants.

The expansion locations are offering a variety of different services which include things like expanded menu options, longer service hours, increased capacities and even some delivery services.

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Masu's pork belly ramen
The first of the new locations will open in the Retek Building in Downtown Minneapolis in the old Lunch Cube space. The new skyway level location will offer the same menu items as their IDS location, but will offer increased seating and downtown delivery service. You can look for this location to open up sometime late this summer.

The second of the two locations will open up in Dinkytown across from Annie's Parlour. This location will offer increased menu options with things like nigiri, gyoza and rice bowls. This location is slotted to open up sometime in September. 

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One Two Three Sushi

80 S. 8th St., Minneapolis, MN

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