Parlour featured in Playboy

The Panty Dropper works on so many levels

Here's your excuse to pick up the magazine for an actual article. In the July issue of the titular publication, Playboy selects the Best Bars in America for 2013. Right there, sandwiched between the boobs and butts is our own, swarthy heartthrob barman, Jesse Held.

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Jesse Held makes a smooth cocktail

Parlour wins "Best One Two Punch" (link warning -- NSFW -- file under: no duh). The magazine explains the honor by saying, "Drinking on an empty stomach is never advisable. Which is why we welcome the arrival of the upstairs-­downstairs restaurant-bar duo Borough and Parlour. The strategy is this: Dine ­early at Borough, ordering one drink from the cocktail cart while eating such hearty fare as lamb loin with chickpeas and fava beans. Finish the night at Parlour with a cocktail -- try an old fashioned made with both Jim Beam rye and Old Grand-Dad 114."

That's just the kind of suggestion that gets our motors humming. Don't mind if we do.

Location Info

Borough & Parlour

730 Washington Avenue N., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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Quick Marty!  To the DeLorean and 1985 and the last time Playboy magazine was remotely relevant!


My girlfriend and I were eating at Borough while they were shooting this.  A former city bus-turned-party bus oozed douchebags, loose women, and smoke machine fog onto the sidewalk as we enjoyed our meal and shared criticisms of the try-hards with our table-neighbors and our server.

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