Rock the Garden: Grub Roundup

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Joy Summers
The view from up on Foodie Hill

Not only did the music rock. Not only did Low launch an epic one-song set. Not only did we endure a torrential downpour, rock the parking ramp and revel in the Husker Du and Sugar-peppered Bob Mould setlist. We also ate very well.

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Joy Summers
A fine day for a picnic on the Walker lawn

It used to be a food vendors at these events were somewhere on the spectrum of limited to awful. That couldn't be further from the truth at this year's Rock the Garden. We sampled some of the best from award winning restaurants, food trucks as well as a taste of local brews and even a Prairie Vodka cocktail.

At the base of the museum two Chef Shack trucks were parked serving their award winning savory concoctions as wells as those Indian spiced mini-donuts that have inspired legions of fans.

Up at the top of the hill AZ Canteen, Cupcake and World Street Kitchen trucks held court.

Joy Summers
Behold, the cabrito burger
AZ Canteen was serving their cabrito burger, topped with charred tomatoes, onions and their sweet, puckery pickles on a pretzel bun.

Joy Summers
Noodling around
We also sampled their new sesame noodles, with mild Asian flavors and shaved cucumber and scallions. This was the only food disappointment in that they could have used more something, the noodles were really soft, the dressing mild to the point of boring and the cucumber didn't exactly jazz it up. No matter, because they were parking so near to Butcher and the Boar.

Joy Summers
Chef Peter Botcher of Butcher and the Boar
Chef Jack Riebel brought his A Team with Peter Botcher, the man behind the sausages and his wife, pastry Chef Sarah Botcher, who was taking a break from her new job running her Black Walnut Bakery.

Joy Summers
That's a spicy sausage
They were serving up a blazing hot sausage, cheesy brat as well as their classic bratwurst topped with homemade sauerkraut and spicy mustard.

Just down the line we spotted Chef Sameh Wadi working furiously inside the World Street Kitchen truck.

Joy Summers
Service with a smile
They had an full menu as well as an extensive line.

Joy Summers
Chicken curry Bangkok Burrito for your face
As always, the Bangkok Burrito was crammed with Thai-style curry spiced chicken, rice and cilantro. It was spicy, juicy, and the size of a small baby.

Undone by gluttony, we collapsed onto a damp blanket and watched the sun slowly set as Metric rocked the garden.

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