Seward Co-op plans to launch second location

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Seward Co-op
Artist rendering of the proposed co-op location

Late last week the Seward Community Co-op announced plans to launch a second location in the Powderhorn neighborhood of south Minneapolis. As it stands, the neighborhood is considered by many, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to be a food desert because it has extremely limited access to fresh, healthy foods and is instead filled with small convenience stores selling ready-made or heavily processed foods.

The prospective location sits at the intersection of 38th Street and Clinton Avenue South on a corner that once housed the Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. They are currently in the planning stage and are seeking to raise capital and city approval for the new location. The co-op plans to hold a community meeting about their newest venture on Tuesday, July 9, but details surrounding the meeting are currently pending.

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The Franklin Ave Location
Over the past year, Seward Co-op has been in talks with a community organization called the Carrot Initiative, a group dedicated to attracting a grocery store to the Powderhorn area. It was the Carrot Initiative that suggested the planned location site to the co-op, which, according to the release, "meets many of our criteria for a second location."

The proposed location will be similar in scale to that of the Franklin Avenue location and is expected to cost roughly $10 million.

According to the announcement, "Our success since moving to the Franklin Avenue store four and a half years ago has put us in the position to expand access to the co-op and bring healthy food to a 'food desert.' We have continued to improve our existing store, but we have reached capacity. A second store will provide easier access to the co-op for members who live in other neighborhoods, as well as relieve some of the congestion at the current location."

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Accessibility is about location as well as affordability. The Seward co-op is only accessible to those who can afford their expensive prices. Hopefully that'll change. Maybe a discount plan based on income? That would be progressive.

Jenny Kedward
Jenny Kedward

This is so exciting! I live in the neighborhood and visit the Midtown Global Market for some groceries. Now we'll have even more options!

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