Spicy Maria at Spill the Wine: A sweet drink of the week with a dark side

Kelly Moritz
Tequila marries with Tia Maria and a hefty dose of spice in this sweet sipper

Spicy Maria
Spill the Wine

By now you've seen the picture perfect dishes of the newly transplanted Spill the Wine, but just tucked between that mason jar of craft beer and requisite plate of pork belly is a neat little cocktail menu worth exploring when your wine-tasting palate needs respite. Send your evening off right with a Spicy Maria, the night cap that will send you to bed with a kick to the seat of your pants.

One part digestif, one part dessert, one part party time, she's the sweet girl next door with a fiery streak. Don Julio tequila meets dark, syrup-y coffee based Tia Maria, and the two get hit with a one-two punch of ghost pepper and cinnamon to create a slow sipper more complex than meets the eye. With the first sip you'll get a nice spread of numbing heat across the tongue, great for clearing the sinuses, but best left for when your finer taste buds are tucked in for the night. With tequila present to provide a pleasant bite, what could be sweet to a fault becomes a nicely spiced way to have your dessert and drink it, too.

Location Info

Spill the Wine - CLOSED

901 West Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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