Surly launches SeVIIn, their seventh-anniversary brew

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Image by Brent Schoonover for Surly
The mystical artwork for Surly's Trappist-style brew

Surly, the Brooklyn Center brewery with the ravenous cult following and huge presence in the local beer scene, is celebrating its seventh anniversary with a party at the Varsity Theater. The star of the party is, as always, the beer, and Surly looks to keep up its tradition of doing something different on its birthday with SeVIIn, a specialty Belgian-style beer.

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The generally irreverent brewery takes its inspiration from an unlikely source: an order of strictly observant Roman Catholic monks. Trappist monasteries have brewed beer to support themselves and their charitable works for hundreds of years. There are eight breweries currently operating in Europe, mostly in Belgium.

SeVIIn takes after the characteristics of these beers and other Belgian traditions. It is finished with Brettanomyces brewing yeast, commonly known as Brett. This yeast is known for the unique and slightly sour flavor profile it creates, which should add to the complex web of flavors promised in Surly's description of the new brew:

Continuing our quest to despoil and desecrate conventional beer styles, we're raiding Trappist traditions to produce this Belgian Style Ale brewed with Rye, Oats and Wheat. Our first beer EVER brewed with Wheat! Belgian yeast creates classic clove-spiced banana aroma and flavor. Dry hopping brings floral and citrus aromatics to the biscuity-smooth malt body.

Other beers on tap include the Schadenfreude -- a German-style dark lager -- and Bitter Brewer -- a malty and crisp ale. Cans of Surly standbys Cynic, Furious, Bender and Overrated (the IPA once thought to rock a Lisa Frank label) will be available as well.

The event will also feature music from Trailer Trash, and Brent Schoonover will be on hand to sign posters of his foreboding and monastic artwork. Surly also promises to release more details and sketches of its $20 million "destination brewery" set to open in Prospect Park.

Surly's 7th Anniversary Event / SeVIIn Release Party
Varsity Theater
1308 4th St. SE, Minneapolis
6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday, June 23

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The Varsity Theater

1308 4th St. SE, Minneapolis, MN

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Ross Levine
Ross Levine

A beer release party on Sunday huh? If my memory of last years Six was any indication, people are going to be having quite the Monday funday the next day.

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