The 25 Best Forgotten 1990s Food Commercials

In honor of the Totally Sweet '90s Book Launch Party at Magers & Quinn, we compiled a whole slew of our favorite (and sadly, discontinued) foods available during the 1990s... and their respective commercial gems.

25. Orbitz
This space-like drink had jelly suspended in the liquid. Too bad it didn't have a future. (And as the video above shows, it definitely doesn't age like fine wine.)

24. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies
Turtle pies... they're fresh from the sewer to you. (Wonder why these aren't around anymore.)

23. Lifesaver Holes
"The Lifesavers family just got a little smaller..." after these went off the market.

22. Butterfinger BBs
We're shocked that these aren't still a thing, too.

21. Squeez Its
Ah, the joys of mixed animation and live-action commercials.

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