128 Cafe has been sold: Are our favorite ribs lost to the ages?

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Owner Jill Wilson is soon to serve her last rack of ribs

It's the end of an era at 128 Cleveland Ave. in St. Paul. The neighborhood gem 128 Cafe closed for a brief time before being resurrected by Jill Wilson, a onetime server at the cafe. Six years later, the ribs are still exquisite, but it was time for a change. Luckily, the new owner knows a thing or three about food. He's a local chef who has traveled the world and helped open one of the hottest tickets in town. 

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The new owner will be chef Max Thompson. Thompson grew up in the Twin Cities before heading to Colorado for college. While attending school, he worked in the hospitality industry, and it was there he found his true calling behind the burners. Thompson traveled Europe, eating all the way through the continent before heading back to the States. He spent some time on the East Coast, working in New York and Boston before finding his way back home.

He was part of the culinary team along with Jack Riebel and Peter Botcher who opened up the Butcher & the Boar to all its rave reviews.

No word yet on whether the new ownership will continue to operate the 128 Cafe truck or how much the menu at the restaurant will change. One thing we have been reassured, however, the ribs will never change. We have faith Thompson knows what he's doing when it comes to the art of pork preparation.

Thompson will take ownership August 1. In the meantime, until then, Wilson will hold court, saying goodbye to the neighborhood.

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128 Cafe

128 Cleveland Ave. N., St. Paul, MN

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Good luck Jill! Rib on Max! I've had so many happy times at 128 Cafe :)

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