For pork's sake! Triple Rock Social Club cancels Free Bacon Wednesdays

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Mmmmm. Bacon.
Today, bacon lovers' squeals of disappointment will be heard 'round the Twin Cities with cancellation of Free Bacon Wednesdays at the Triple Rock. Gone are the days of crispy-yet-greasy -- and best of all -- free strips of pork nestled in a cozy little basket at your table.

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Free Bacon Wednesdays have been a staple at the Triple Rock for years. Each week, hundreds of strips of bacon would be baked and ready for the beer-drinking masses around 9:00 p.m. on Wednesdays until the savory snacks ran out for the evening.

The venue posted the sad news on their Tumblr Tuesday afternoon:

Sorry guys, the free bacon Wednesdays have been cancelled until further notice, it's nothing personal, no phone calls need to be made, and the cops don't need to be called for the love of bacon. Bacon will still be an option on the menu for entrees.

No reason was given for the discontinuation of the decidedly non-vegetarian event, but we're not afraid of broadening our horizons on the menu.

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DavidFoureyes topcommenter

Crispy? I've been to bacon Wednesdays and would never characterize the bacon served as "crispy". It somehow alternates between soggy or they were trying to make us not lik.....WAIT A MINUTE!

Tyler Chip Moody Suter
Tyler Chip Moody Suter

Thank God! I had to stop going on Wednesdays when I lived next door; the smell was disgusting.

Elisa Maria
Elisa Maria

this whole Bacon hipster thing is fucktarded. find out how pigs are treated inside factory farms- 99% are from CAFO's- and then tell me you're still sad about losing Babe's belly. smh

Deborah Anderson Nelson
Deborah Anderson Nelson

Stomach cancer day has been cancelled. Oh the poor mistreated and misguided. Yay for pigs!


By giving no reason they invite speculation: financial troubles?

Drewey topcommenter

@JCVN Yes, that is a good example of speculation.

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