Former Trocaderos space bought by Crave owners

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Kaskaid hospitality group seems intent on starting off their July with a lot of new ventures. Last week we reported the company, who owns the Crave restaurants as well as Union, Uptown Urban Eatery, and Figlio 2.0, may add a new concept restaurant in the former Old Chicago space in Uptown. Kaskaid partner Kam Talebi also confirmed with the Star Tribune that the company reached an agreement to buy the site of the former Trocaderos night club in the ever-expanding North Loop neighborhood.

So what's the plan for the massive 23,000 square foot space?

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Though many were excited by the prospect of another North Loop brewery when Duluth-based Fitger's announced plans to transform the space into another outpost of their popular North Shore brewpub (which they subsequently quickly scrapped), Talebi says he sees a much greater demand for event space. The forthcoming Muse Event Center will take advantage of the multi-tiered interior, dramatic high ceilings, and hip location to create beautiful rentable space for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and corporate and other private events.

Muse's kitchen will also serve as headquarters for Crave's growing catering business. The event center is expected to open this fall.

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Drewey topcommenter

Bellanotte, Union, Crave, these guys don't know the first thing about good food.  Cool spaces? Perhaps.  But the food always sucks.

jason.dorweiler topcommenter

More crave......please stop opening new restaurants. You never got it right the first time. Stay in the MOA where you belong.


Crave can suck farts out of my Ass!


That's enough, Crave.  Suburban housewives already have your locations in SLP, Uptown, Edina, and downtown to order overpriced Appletinis and treat waitstaff like dirt.  

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