Mai Village revamps and adds happy hour

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Ed Neaton
After a couple close calls with foreclosure, fans of Mai Village can rejoice about the St. Paul restaurant's latest news.

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According to the Pioneer Press, the St. Paul favorite has revamped some of the restaurant's interior for a newer feel.

Owners Mai Nguyen and Ngoan Dang have also decided to give their staff and menu a refresher as well. The two owners will let younger members of the Mai Village family assume bigger roles in the restaurant's management. First on the list of changes slated for Mai Village? Happy hour and new menu items.

Mai Village is located right along the tracks of the highly-anticipated Central Corridor light rail. While the finished project may bring more diners to the area, the restaurant recently faced foreclosure in part because of the construction in the area. St. Paul's Asian Economic Development Association hopes to rebrand the area near Mai Village as Little Mekong after light rail is up and running in the near future.

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Mai Village

394 W. University Ave., St. Paul, MN

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Do you mean to tell me that all this time while Mai Village was cratering on the edge of closing down and owning money to the city, they never had a happy hour in place?  Are you kidding me?  GOOD LORD.

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