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Enter Restaurant Week: from July 14-19 find special deals at over 40 participating restauants

It's that time of the year again, friends. This summer's Restaurant Week has fallen upon us and as per usual, there are a ton of great lunch and dinner options featured at local restaurants across the Twin Cities. If you've ever been curious about a restaurant, now's the time to check it out. Just visit restaurant reservation site Open Table to find out if that special place of interest happens to be among the participating restaurants.

Restaurant Week is sponsored by Mpls/St.Paul Magazine and features restaurants offering special two-course lunch options ranging from $10-$20 and multiple-course dinner options which will set you back a mere $15-$30.

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One of Corner Table's many variants on succulent pork belly
We've gone through and scouted some particularly phenomenal-sounding options to help you make up your mind, because honestly, we realize that going through over 40 restaurants' worth of multi-course menus can be nothing shy of daunting.

If you've never had the opportunity to check out local favorite Corner Table, there's no better time than the present. For the appetizer course, you can choose between their decedent pork belly or a refreshing heirloom bean salad. For main courses you'll have your pick from a pan-roasted wild Alaskan salmon, a freshly made parpadelle pasta with lamb ragu, or the roasted chicken and wild mushroom galantine polenta. Finish that off with an order of their incredible sweet potato donuts or chocolate cremeaux all for $30. 

If you're not sold on that, check out Haute Dish, where you'll find a smattering of their classic dishes. Choices include their famous char-cuts and steak and eggs, pork 'n beans, and mac 'n cheese, and for entrees you can choose from tater tot haute dish or the phenomenal fried chicken -- which is likely very different from the fried chicken your mama used to make.

If you want to get all crazy with it, you can head over and check out what chef Sameh Wadi has going on over at Saffron. Not only are they offering the $30 dinner option, but they've also got numerous low-cost supplements to help really drive home that full-on eating experience. Standard options include bites like an heirloom tomato "Greek" salad, sweet corn soup with spicy poached figs, Moroccan barbecue beef, and slow-cooked salmon. For an additional $6 you could opt for an avocado and lobster appetizer, and for an additional $15 dollars you can add wine pairings. 

Other restaurants with interesting options include Sanctuary, Smack Shack, and Vincent. If you're over on the other side of the river, we'd suggest looking into Forepaugh's or Meritage.

Restaurant week runs from July 14 through 19, so the time to make your reservations is now!

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Nate Griggs
Nate Griggs

How about supporting local businesses and employees by paying for a great meal?

Michelle Glass
Michelle Glass

Restaurant Week. Really?? How about not going out to eat and donating the money you would have spent to a food shelf, women's shelter or homeless shelter...?


@Michelle Glass Gosh Michelle, why should I do anything with the money I earn?  Why should I even live in a house?  I would be a much better person if I just gave it all away and lived in a cardboard box.

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