Schell's Brewing Co. triple medals at the 2013 U.S. Open Beer Championship

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Schell's Brewing Co. was a triple-medal recipient in the 2013 U.S. Open Beer Championship
Last week, Schell's Brewing Co. won the prestigious best of the worst category in's roundup of best cheap beer in the country, but this week they're receiving some awards that they might actually want to hang up on their wall. Shell's Brewery managed to snag a trio of medals at this years U.S. Open Beer Championship; a competition that pits beer against beer from across the globe taking contributions from major breweries, craft brewers and home-brewers alike.

This year over 2,500 beers were submitted for judgement in a vast array of style categories. Judges from the United States, England and Canada taste tested a variety of beers from countries like Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Mexico and Finland in order to search out the best in show for each respective brew category.

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Shell's Brewing Co is the second oldest family owned brewery in the country
Schell's managed to place in three separate categories which meant they got to take home one gold and two bronze medals.

In the American Amber/California Common category, Schell's Firebrick took home a gold medal, beating out Wisconsin's Wisconsin Amber by Capital Brewery and AC Golden's Colorado Native. In the German Lager/Pilsener category Schell's Pils took third place behind Capital Brewery's Lake House and a home-brewer from Ohio with his Barky Pilsner. Schell's also took third in the American Cream Ale category with the Schell's Deer Brand.

Minnesota's Badger Hill Brewing also took home a bronze medal for their Minnesota Special Bitter.

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