Sonora Grill to open second location

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More Sonora Grill for for fans of their fresh Mexican fare

After a considerable amount of searching and weighing their options, Conrado Paredes (pictured above left) and Alejandro Castillon (middle), chef co-owners of Sonora Grill, have found the location for their second restaurant.

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The dilapidated shell of what was once Molly Quinn's at 3300 E. Lake St. is about to undergo a major facelift. (My Broadsheet has a full rundown of the renovation plans.)

The new location will continue to serve the same vibrant flavors fans have come to expect at the original Midtown Global Market location. Happy additions to the roomier space will include an outdoor dining room and, if all goes well, a beer and wine license.

Joy Summers
Shrimp caramelo

Several tenants inside Midtown Global Market including Sonora Grill, the Left Handed Cook, and El Burrito Mercado had hoped for a way to configure a space inside the market to serve as a beer garden. Those plans never materialized.

Sonora's caramelos (tacos) will pair beautifully with a craft-brewed pint. Service will continue to be fast-casual style, where customers will order at a counter and have their food delivered to their table.

According to the renovation plans, the new space will allow for two tenants, which makes us wonder who else may soon expand on Lake Street? 

Look for an opening this fall.

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I love sonora,hoping they keep the open grill


My favorite spot (among many great spots) in Midtown Global. I wish the new spot was closer to me, but I hope this brings their great food to more people.


Wish it was closer to SLP, but still super happy for these guys.  An great group of chefs who make the best Mexican style food in MN.

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