The Hammock at the Strip Club Meat & Fish: Teach your cabana boy this drink of the week

Kelly Moritz
Summer in Minnesota (rhubarb and beer) gets the tropical treatment while lounging in a Hammock at the Strip Club

The Hammock
The Strip Club Meat & Fish

To indulge in escapist fantasies of faraway islands never to actually be seen, of palm fronds fanning away the last of the day's heat by someone more attractive and younger than you, or to sit in misery drinking the same old beer in your underpants, parked in front of a half-functional air conditioner? Put that way, why wouldn't you run as fast as this wall of humidity will allow to the Strip Club for a taste of something tropical? The bar is cool, dark, and the perfect hideaway for the dog days of summer, especially with the Hammock in hand.

Sweet, dark rum takes up with a hint of banana liqueur and the bittersweet kick of Zucca, a punchy rhubarb amaro. The whole thing is topped off with a refreshing splash of cold beer from the tap to create a cooling, calming beverage. Complex enough for the cocktail-crazy among us and easy-drinking enough to please everyone else, the Hammock is an unexpected but wholly fun combination, just made for slow sipping while someone else does all the work.

Location Info

The Strip Club Meat & Fish

378 Maria Ave., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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