The Imperialist at Marin: This drink of the week is the picture of restraint

Pinky fingers up for this sophisticated and dangerously smooth cocktail at Marin.

Marin Restaurant & Bar

Elegant, opulent, the Imperialist at Marin commands the room with the chilly authority known only to the upper echelon of cocktails. Delicate beads of truffle oil float upwards to the surface and sparkle alongside a mysterious skewered delicacy resting at the bottom of your glass. "Happy hour special?" Never heard of it.

The briny, pungent and confounding truffle peach adds depth and dollar value to the Imperialist.

The Imperialist doesn't rely on a bevy of showy liqueurs or bitters to make a statement; its allure lies in the smoothness of the Stoli Elite and a gourmet, walnut-sized flavor powerhouse known as the truffle peach. Picked unripe, soaked in white truffle oil and brined like a pickle, these little peaches turn sour-sweet, earthy, and unexpectedly perfect in a glass of chilled vodka. Sip as though your heaviest care lies in choosing your next cocktail; repeat as needed.

Location Info

Marin Restaurant & Bar

901 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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