The Lexington is up for sale... again

Bre McGee
The lights at the Lex will stay dark

What was once a venerable St. Paul dining institution has struggled to find its place in the modern restaurant scene. The Lexington closed its doors in May to undergo remodeling as ownership changed hands. The Pioneer Press is reporting that the sale has now fallen through.

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The restaurant has stood at the corner of Grand Avenue and Lexington Parkway since 1935. In its heyday, it was an elegant room where big business deals were made. Anyone who was anyone could be found in the dining room or mulling over a martini in the elegant bar. 

Unfortunately, in recent times the location has been plagued by short-term ownership, a dated menu, and a generally floundering business. Many remain hopeful that this beautiful space can find the right mix of owners who have the financial wherewithal to make the necessary updates to the aging building and the right amount of management know-how to carry this classic into a new golden age.

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The Lexington

1096 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN

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Dave Hauser
Dave Hauser

buying a restaurant right now is asking for a kick to the nards.

Charlie Seto
Charlie Seto

Grand Ave doesn't quite fit that vibe anymore.

Kathy Drews
Kathy Drews

man, I wish I had the cash or knew of an investor. this is prime!


A rich history indeed. My aunt went there for a pre-prom dinner in 1970, and was refused entrance because her date was black


@Charlie Seto Grand Ave doesn't quite have any vibe any more...

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