The Triton: A preview

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Joy Summers
Chefs Jack Riebel and David Yusefzadeh with a Triton teaser

It's clear the revamp of the former Joe's Garage isn't quite ready for its close-up. The space has been gutted down to the studs. They're still going to need to dig out a new basement (for a prep kitchen), among myriad other details that have yet to come together. However, it's clear after a brief conversation with chefs Jack Riebel and David Yusefzadeh and a first taste of their food that the Triton has what it takes to be a contender.

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Joy Summers
Oyster frito misto
With a name like the Triton, we expected two things: seafood and a fabulous Pride party. They delivered on both fronts. The two dishes they were serving were an oyster frito misto (which just happened to be gluten-free.) Pickled pink turnips, daikon radish, red and green jalapenos, celery, and fat Washington state oysters were quickly fried and served with a sesame puree spiked with a little mirin dipping sauce. Ever so salty, tender, tart and savory, it's an addictively munchable dish.

Joy Summers
Fresh seafood sliders and slaw
The seafood sliders were seared crispy and topped with a zesty shredded cabbage and green onion slaw. They were so incredibly succulent, cradled in those toasted crispy buns. They were terrifically messy.

As Yusefzadeh explained to us, this food isn't indicative of what the entire menu will be, but these are sample bites of what we can find on the rooftop and at the bar.

Speaking of the bar program, we were able to confirm that it will focus on clear spirits. For the Pride preview they were pouring a refreshing little Cava Cava sipper as well as some other vodka drinks.

Joy Summers
Bare bones bar
The cocktail program will be overseen by Geoffrey Trelstad, the onetime bar manager at the now defunct King and I Thai. 
Joy Summers
It's still one of the best views in the city
The team behind the Triton have their work cut out for them. They have to proceed gingerly as this is a historic Minneapolis building. The decor will include another large mural from local artist Adam Turman, whose work also graces the side of Riebel's other restaurant, the Butcher & the Boar. When finished, it will look entirely new, but the stunning vistas afforded from the rooftop will remain.

They hope to debut the rest of the restaurant in the fall with the patio reopening next spring.

The Triton
1610 Harmon Place, Minneapolis

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Joe's Garage - CLOSED

1610 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN

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