Top 3 road trip-worthy burgers up Interstate 35

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Joy Summers
Somewhere out there, this burger waits for you

Sometimes we just need an excuse to hit the open road. For us, the promise of a perfect burger is just enough to gas up the car and go -- like a dangling meaty carrot at the end of a sunshine-soaked journey. Few experiences are a better slice of Americana than jumping out of the car and digging into a delicious burger, still sizzling from the flattop, juices soaking into a plush bun, draped in orange cheese, occasionally graced with some extra crispy bacon or a pile of fried onions. Here are three of our favorites to be found by driving north up Interstate 35.

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3. Gordy's Hi-Hat, 415 Sunnyside Drive, Cloquet
(Pictured above) You'll swear you see Richie Cunningham and the Fonz around the corner as you enter this old-school drive-in. Take your place in line with the hungry hordes as the friendly staff quickly make their way through the orders. People come from miles around, planning stops on their way up to the cabin around the opportunity to dine at Gordy's Hi-Hat (or in the colder months, next door at the Warming Shack). They've got freshly made shakes, fries cut from scratch, and piles of thick onion rings, but the star attraction are these burgers. The fresh meat is gently coaxed into patties, quickly fried, and tucked into a fluffy, fresh bun. As you bite into it the burger collapses into your mouth sending your tastebuds into a beefy wonderland. They're so rich, juicy, and perfectly portioned, you'll find yourself pulling a Houdini. One moment, there is a burger, the next: It's gone!

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