Borough team to open Coup D'état restaurant in Uptown

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Joy Summers
Striking while the iron's hot

So, what is one to do when your restaurant is packed every night of the week with happy customers quaffing some of the best drinks in the city while filling their bellies with your innovative menu items? Do you sit back and sigh, content to let the soft glow of success wash over you, or do you head headlong into an entirely new venture in a different part of town? If you're Jester Concepts, the team behind the buzzy Borough/Parlour restaurant/bar in the North Loop, it's the latter.

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Their second endeavor brings the crew to the Uptown. Expect to find Nick O'Leary and Tyler Shipton behind the burners, this time cooking up Mediterranean food with their innovative twist. Barman Jesse Held will once again be curating a roster of some of the best drink mixers in town to tickle the tonsils of thirsty patrons.

The restaurant space will occupy part of the Walkway apartment complex that is taking shape over the former Cowboy Slim's/Campiello location (across from the Lagoon Cinema). There will be two floors with about 300 seats total.

Stephanie March at Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine reports that ESG will handle the design "to deliver a fresh look that has just a hint of European influence." There are even plans for a street-side window service for late-night eaters to grab some munchies before they wander home.

If you're looking for a first peek, swing by the Borough block party this Sunday. If all goes well, they expect to be open for business in late autumn.

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@foyobli That’s an unfortunate location though. Might fill up with douches.


@doughamlin @foyobli Yup...gonna be a douche hole. Basically the whole of Uptown west of Colfax can be written off at this point...Lyn-Lake only has a few more years.

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