Honey and Rye Bakehouse: Coming soon to St. Louis Park

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We can very nearly smell that bread baking

There is a new neighborhood bakery soon to open on Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park. Honey and Rye is a labor of love from Emily Ackerman and Anne Andrus. Andrus was trained at the San Francisco Baking Institute, while Ackerman's background is in the graphic design and advertising world. The two are lifelong friends on the verge of embarking on a shared dream.

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The two are hauling in reclaimed wood from a country farm as the former S & D Cleaner's is transformed into their new neighborhood bakeshop. Customers can expect to find plenty of fresh-baked bread and treats utilizing locally produced, organic, and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. They'll be serving cakes, sandwiches, and breakfast pastries.

They anticipate opening this fall.

Honey and Rye, website
4501 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park

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k2yeb topcommenter

I love the word sustainable, when if the entire population did it, would not be sustainable. Subjective terms assume relative harmony in things like population and technology growth. Al Gore pulled a bait and switch on a lot of American's. He is very un-green. 

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