Where to have a very hoppy IPA Day in the Twin Cities

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As if we needed an official day to pay homage to the smooth, delightfully bitter taste of IPA... and yet, here we are, counting down until our first sip on this hoppy holiday. We've rounded up some local places you can pay your respects to one of the craftiest beers around. So get out there, hold your India Pale Ale high, and bid a hearty "Cheers!" to all your craft beer comrades.

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We'll leave it up to the bars and brewers themselves to fill you in on the deets:

And there's always the option of getting a growler or a six-pack of your favorite IPA and enjoying it at home.

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Dave Finton
Dave Finton

I'm enjoying my IPA at home tonight, courtesy of Surly :D

Travis Alan Bos
Travis Alan Bos

I've been a fan of Lagunitas and Bell's Hopslam. Hard to decide what is the best, really. I will say Saga is meh.

Dave Hauser
Dave Hauser

while it was around, Indeed Brewing Company 'let it ride' was the best. saga is donkey piss in comparison, hops and no malt does not a beer make. second best of the year? Dangerous Man Brewing Co. edit: i liked saga too. just not as much. and it does taste like donkey piss if you have it after either of the above. i wouldn't mind being stuck on an island with any ipa, really.

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