Liftbridge Launches Mini-Donut Beer

Image from Liftbridge Brewery
Liftbridge Brewery releases special State Fair only, mini-donut beer

The State Fair is literally right around the corner and Stillwater's premier craft brewer, Liftbridge Brewing Co., has announced that they've got a little something special planned for this years festivities. Instead of launching another tired (yet loved) on-a-stick inspired food item, the folks at Liftbridge have teamed up with the Ball Park Cafe to offer an exclusive mini-donut flavored beer.

The beer is described as having a warm, tan color that imitates the color of the freshly fried fair treats and has a malty base paired with natural flavors that combine for both a sweet and rich beer. The glasses will also come rimmed with a cinnamon and sugar mixture in order to help emulate that traditional mini-donut experience.

Photo from
The Minnesota State Fair's Ball Park Cafe
According to Ball Park Cafe co-owner Dan Theisen, "The craft brewing trend has taken off in Minnesota. Every year, a new dish is made specially for the state fair. But what about beer? We want to give Minnesota State Fair attendee's an experience unlike anything they have ever seen or tasted. It may not be on a stick, but I think this will definitely get people talking."

Liftbridge CEO Dan Schwartz talks a little bit about the rational behind the beer and the exclusive partnership with the Ball Park Cafe, "The Ball Park Café is the leader when it comes to craft beer at the Minnesota State Fair, and we believe this project is an example of that. We did several test batches to develop a mini donut beer recipe that would give taste buds the ultimate state fair experience. We are feeling great about the final recipe and hope it is a home run with fair goers."

The State Fair launches next Thursday, August 22nd and runs until Monday, September 2nd. The Ball Park Cafe is located on Underwood St. outside The Garden.

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Ashley Besser
Ashley Besser

It's actually not "literally" around the corner if you don't live in St. Paul. Dictionary, please.

Brent Voeltz
Brent Voeltz

I may have to try that! Thanks Tammy! :)


@Ashley Besser Definition found:

lit·er·al·ly  /ˈlitərəlē/Adverb
  1. In a literal manner or sense; exactly: "the driver took it literally when asked to go straight over the traffic circle".
  2. Used to acknowledge that something is not literally true but is used for emphasis or to express strong feeling.


@Steve Anderson Well, if you don't want it, Steve, no one should.  ALRIGHT GUYS, SCRAP THE MINI DONUT BEER: STEVE DON"T WANTS IT.


@Steve Anderson why do you hate freedom Steve?

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