Mac's Fish & Chips to open Minneapolis location

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Bre McGee
Classic fish and chips heading to Lynnhurst
At the beginning of baseball season, Mac's Fish & Chips announced they would be making their namesake dish available to fans at Target Field. Now the father-and-son-owned restaurant will be opening a second dine-in location in Lynnhurst, reports the Southwest Journal. 

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Mac's Minneapolis will set up shop in the former Sigh Yoga studio at 612 W. 54th St. with seating for about 30 guests. Owners Dan and Tom Flanagan plan to apply for a license to serve wine and beer, a feature unique to this location.

The new restaurant will keep a lot of the old traditions alive and will serve a similar menu to the Hamline store. Fried fish basket dinners of cod, walleye, and halibut; fried shrimp and clams; fish and chicken strip sandwiches; chips, coleslaw, and cheese curds; and of course their homemade saltwater taffy. The Flanagans have even installed a custom-built taffy puller for making the sweet-salty confection.

Work is already underway on revamping the space, and the owners are hoping to have it open by September. 

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Mac's Fish & Chips

1330 Larpenteur Ave. W., Roseville, MN

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