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Gearing up for the Great Get-together, we're thinking of our gluten free friends

As the countdown to the Great Minnesota Get-Together winds down, we're readying our stomachs for the fried goodies and onslaught of pronto pups. For those of us who eschew gluten, the Northland Celiacs Support Group has pulled together a comprehensive list of all the gluten-free options at the fair.

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The full list is available here. Below are a few highlights.

Café Caribe, Arcade Building (next to the DNR building)
New Grist, Lakefront Brewery's pilsner-style GF beer. That's right: beer. Now, there's a way to start the fair.

Caramel Apple Sundaes, in front of the Grandstand
All kinds of apple delights are safe to consume, including sparkling apple cider floats, caramel apple slices in a dish (with or without ice cream), and root beer floats.

Chicken-N-Chops, on Judson St., by the Dairy Stand
More meat for the meat eaters! Suck on that succulent pork chop or chicken -- served on a stick, but of course.

Corn Roast, by the east side of the Grandstand
Can you call yourself a Minnesota State Fair goer without getting an ear of roasted corn slathered in butter?

Falafel King, food building
Did you know those fried chickpea fritters are gluten-free? It's true. They've also got a Greek salad with chicken or gyro meat. (It's more State Fair-y if you pronounce it JYro).

French Meadow Café, across from WCCO building
Leave it to our friends from Uptown to take good care of the GF sweet teeth. They have vanilla and chocolate as well as lavender cupcakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies (suck it, Sweet Martha), blueberry muffins, scones, muffins, and savory risotto poppers.

Fried Fruit on a Stick, next to Grandstand ramp
Did we know they had fresh fruit cups? That sounds suspiciously healthy for the fair. Find them here along with fruit smoothies and fruit sundaes with vanilla soft serve. 

Fudge Folks, Inc., lower level of the Grandstand 
Your grandma called. She's worried you're not eating enough fudge. Get your fix here.

Henry's Old-Fashioned Kettle Korn, next to Giggle's Campfire Grill
That heavenly sweet and smoky scent is hard to resist. Luckily, Kettle Korn is entirely gluten-free.

Key Lime Pie Bar & Island Way Sorbet, next to Skyride
Sample a taste of the tropics with the Island Way, coconut, 
pineapple, pina colada, or orange/mango sorbet.

Minnekabob, Food Building
Marinated in Tamari (safe soy sauce), steak, chicken, or buffalo comes grilled and stuck on the ubiquitous stick. 

Minnesota Apples, Horticulture Building
Those shiny fruit jewels are just coming into season. Here you can grab apples, apple cider, cider freeze, and applesauce.

O'Gara's, on Dan Patch Street near the main entrance
The St. Paul stalwart will be serving chopped beef steak with onions 
and mushrooms and corned beef and cabbage (just make sure you're skipping any bread, le duh). They'll also have gluten-free beer.

San Felipe Tacos, in the Food Building
Just order any of the beef, jerk chicken, or vegetarian tacos on a corn tortilla. They also have nachos and cheese.

Taco King, on Judson Avenue
It's the same deal here with the tacos, and they have toastadas as well as nachos.

Texas Steak Out up on Machinery Hill Across from Little Farm Hands
Check out the tater twister, tater dog, turkey leg, brisket, barbecue beef ribs, sausage on a stick, roasted corn, baked potato, steak chili, Texas steak dinner (just chuck the roll).

Turkey to Go, at 1256 Clough/Next to All You Can Drink Milk
Just order their turkey in a cup or one of those big, honking turkey drumsticks.

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To all of you Nay-Sayers about the Gluten free diet.  It is so... obvious that you don't suffer from it because if you did then you would know just how severe it can get for us who have Celiac disease.  Granted yes some people are on it to be part of a fad but there are a lot of us out there who can get extremely ill if we eat it. I thank this site for posting it.  It was great last year too because it was the first year I went to the fair and DiDN'T GET SICK.... Anyways people shouldn't talk about things that they have no clue about.

Elisabeth Morley
Elisabeth Morley

Thank you for this! My younger brother has Celiacs and it would be fun to take him to the fair sometime and not have to worry about finding him something to eat. I will definitely keep this guide handy. (and to all those who think those who eat gluten free do so simply to be "cool," my brother would be super happy if he could be "uncool" and not live with the hassle).

Sam Danger
Sam Danger

What no Diabetic or nut allergy guide? Oh yeah, that's because it's not trendy to pretend to have that disease, but celiac is the hippest!

Yael Vargas
Yael Vargas

almost as bad is worrying about organic or gmo

Yael Vargas
Yael Vargas

Well that's not what she was addressing now is it

Mark Witte
Mark Witte

There are some great Aps for smart phones and iPods for the MN state fair. Free.

Mandi Studler
Mandi Studler

^ totally a Dr, right? Oh... you're not? You must have gluten allergies, then? No.. Oh..

Krista Munster
Krista Munster

Are there any organic vendors there or at least GMO free options?????

Mandi Studler
Mandi Studler

It's not a choice for a lot of people.. Undiagnosed Celiac Disease almost killed my husband.. And maybe someone with Celiac would like to accompany loved ones to the Fair and have a food option that will not wreak havoc on their system.

Skarlett Gabriela
Skarlett Gabriela

UUGH EVERYONE wants to be "gluten free" or "allergic to gluten" these days! It must be the hipster thing to do... Oh wait. I guess it's not longer hipster bc it IS cool now..!

Amy Glaser
Amy Glaser

This is awesome! I usually avoid the fair because I can't eat most of the food, but this is very encouraging! Thank you!

Robert VanZandt Jr
Robert VanZandt Jr

Now wait. If you're subscribing to a Gluten Free existence, why in The Wide, Wide, World of Sports would you go to the fair??? For that matter, why does ANYONE go to the fair ???

Drewey topcommenter

@Yael Vargas Worrying about your own health and the health of the planet is dumb.  I mean anyone who thinks that corporate ag and big business don't have our best interests in mind should just throw on the tin foil hat right now.  I for one am glad that the likes of monsanto are in charge of telling the fda whatis good and what is bad for us.  Fucking moron...


Does it make some kind of difference to you what people choose to put in their mouths?  

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