Sgroppino at Cossetta's Louis Ristorante & Bar: A drink of the week for la dolce vita

Nic Vetter
What's the heat index? Just watch the rate at which your sorbet goes from solid to liquid.

Louis Ristorante & Bar

What's that in the distance, Italy's famous San Marco? Il Duomo? St. Peter's Basilica? Well, no, but the Cathedral of Saint Paul is no less picturesque with the breeze in your face and the sun at your back atop one of the prettiest rooftop patios in the Twin Cities. At Cossetta's new Louis Ristorante & Bar, everything about our fair capital's downtown cityscape looks sun-kissed and downright bellissimo through the lens of your bubbly, frothy Sgroppino.

They had us at sorbet. Lemon sorbet, to be exact, scooped daintily atop of a highball full of vodka, fresh mint, and prosecco. The sgroppino contains a fool-proof combination of boozy flavors, hovering somewhere between a rum-based mojito and a gin-laced French 75. Be sure to plunge your scoop of sorbet deep into the drink and stir it around before taking your first sip to best distribute the citrus. Then, by all means, drink up while the good stuff still rests in that not quite frozen, not quite liquid state of splendor.

Location Info

Louis Ristorante & Bar

211 7th Street W., Saint Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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