Surly debuts new beer in its taproom today

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Since opening its gussied-up tasting room as an official taproom earlier this summer, Surly has been pouring pints of its flagship beers including Hell, Bender, and Furious alongside seasonal and special brews like the alarmingly titled Urine Trouble, an Imperial Brett IPA brewed with a big cat cause in mind

This afternoon when the taproom opens (3 p.m.) Surly will be tapping another new brew called Misanthrope. It was first unveiled at the Great Taste of the Midwest beer fest in Madison earlier this month to rave reviews. 

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Misanthrope is a Belgian-style saison aged with Brett (a.k.a brettanomyces, a wild little yeast that produces fruity, spicy, funky flavors) in old white wine barrels. It's made with Styrian Goldings hops, but not a whole lot of them since the IBU (international bitterness units) is fairly low, especially for a beer from this brewery. Some Great Taste goers described it as a sourer, more nuanced version of Surly Cynic. 

Food trucks will be parked outside the taproom for your convenience. Here's the schedule through the weekend.

Tonight: Café Racer
Thursday: Nate Dogs
Saturday: AZ Canteen

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Surly Brewing Company

520 Malcolm Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN

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