Tomgirl Named Maude at Cafe Maude: A summery, self-titled drink of the week

This eponymous cocktail at the original Cafe Maude lives up to its good name.

Tomgirl Named Maude
Cafe Maude

Pleasingly pink and tinged with spice, the Tomgirl Named Maude is a tall drink of beat-the-heat with more heat refreshment. Whether you're bar side taking in the live music-fueled ambiance or soaking up some patio time despite the soupy humidity and unfortunate road construction, let this Tomgirl help you take a late-summer load off at the original Café Maude.

Made with grapefruit vodka, Pama pomegranate liqueur, and just enough cayenne pepper to leave a tingle on the tongue, this cocktail is unapologetically tart and fruity. With highs in the upper 90s in the forecast for the weekend, it's the perfect time to visit, share some small plates, and sip on a Tomgirl, whose crafty addition of spice will help cool you down as a little sweat beads on your brow. Be sure to try a refreshing virgin beverage, like the Bitter Orange Ginger, if the heat goes straight to your head.

Location Info

Cafe Maude

5411 Penn Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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