Union unveils a new seafood-focused concept for its main level

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Alma Guzman
Main level dining room will become Union Fish Market
Changes are afoot once again at Union Restaurant & Rooftop on Hennepin. 

Earlier this spring, we reported that the dining room's reservation policy shifted in order to make the main level available to rent out to large private parties and corporate events, effectively closing this area to the public from Sunday to Wednesday. A few months later, Union's executive chef Jim Christiansen left the restaurant to open his own place, the upcoming Heyday, in the former Sunnyside Up Cafe space. Just yesterday, Union's parent company, Kaskaid Hospitality, who have been very busy little bees this summer, announced an entirely new concept for the middle tier of the multilevel eatery and bar.

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While the always-hopping rooftop and swank lower level bar Marquee will remain the same, Kaskaid is making over the main dining room into sort of a restaurant-within-a-restaurant (are we seeing a new trend here?) to be called Union Fish Market.

In a statement from Kaskaid, CEO Kam Talebi explains the decision to change directions a bit. "From the beginning, our intention with UNION has been to provide an evolving and ever-changing menu, and in this case we saw an opportunity in the market to offer quality seafood sourced from around the world and served in an upscale yet approachable environment."

Kaskaid corporate executive chef Bill King will head up the kitchen team and create a seasonal menu that focuses on seafood, but offers a few steak, chicken, and pork options as well. The new concept is set to open September 17. Stay tuned for more updates and details on new dishes.

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Union Restaurant & Rooftop

731 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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DavidFoureyes topcommenter

Should be interesting when the fickle tastes of the 20 year old's (being bought drinks by 55 year old's) that frequent Kaskaid restaurants tastes change and we're left with these awful restaurant shells, decorated in the faux-garbage style of your typical Woodbury McMansion, barfed across our city.

Is Thom Pham syndrome a thing? All spending, no substance.

Drewey topcommenter

from the company that without fail creates restaurants with shitty food, we bring you a restaurant within a restaurant serving shitty seafood.

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

already struggling and have to change concepts? they are always and I mean always running employment ads..what is wrong that they cant keep staff? somethings fishy alright

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