Andrew Zimmern shows off Minneapolis for Travel Channel [VIDEO]

Travel Channel
Hometown hero Andrew Zimmern shows off Minneapolis via a new Travel Channel video

Minneapolis is pretty awesome, and now local food celebrity Andrew Zimmern has taken to the internet to let the rest of the world know it too. In a video released by the Travel Channel, Zimmern divulges an array of reasons as to why exactly Minneapolis is a world class city.

In it you'll see Haute Dish hanging out in the background as well as a stop-in at a certain coffee shop-bike store. Zimmern also hits up Linden Hills paying visits to both Harriet Brasserie and Tilia.

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"What used to be flyover country is one of the most vibrant and important cities in America," explains Zimmern in the video.

Watch the video below to watch as Zimmern strolls through the city and bikes around the lakes, all the while showing off to the world just how amazing the city of Minneapolis truly is.

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