Aster Cafe still temporarily closed after water main break

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Other St. Anthony Main restaurants were spared, but Aster Cafe is still closed after a water main broke nearby and flooded the restaurant.
The majority of Main Street's restaurants were spared from significant damage after a water main broke near the St. Anthony Main office complex early in the morning of September 5. 

Pracna got "a little bit wet in the dining room" but was stable enough to remain open for lunch on the day of the break. Tugg's Tavern dealt with a similar situation, and neighboring restaurant Vic's was able to re-open just a little bit later on the night of the 5th.

It's good news for most, but one restaurant was not so lucky. Aster Cafe, the hip and cozy eatery and music venue, beloved for its charming patio and tea-infused cocktails, is still closed for business following the water main break. 

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"The kitchen was under almost four feet of water," says Dana Thompson, booking agent at Aster. "The floors in both the cafe and the new River Room event space were completely destroyed. Much of the electrical was damaged to one extent or another, including staff computers."

The Aster team jumped right on repairs to the building, but the process has been extra challenging because the building is the oldest standing brick structure in Minneapolis. 

"The good news is that we're going to come back better than ever," says Thompson. "Our new fall menu was in the process of being rewritten by our esteemed chef Heidi Marsh, and she is still hard at work with that while the re-building is being done."

The team at Aster is hopeful that the current projected date for re-opening of October 2 will be possible. "We have had an outpouring of kind words and expressions of support from our clientele, local musicians, and neighbors," says Thompson. "It's been humbling and overwhelming."

Stay tuned for more updates and check in with Aster on its Facebook page

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Aster Cafe

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Our offices and kitchen are sub level, so the four feet of water rushed onto our desks washing away anything in its path! Thank goodness for backups like google docs and Dropbox! Recipes menus and all other goodies are backed up! Looking forward to getting back to the cooking and warming out guests hearts with a cozy fall/winter seasons menu!

Kat Coats
Kat Coats

so sad. I hope it comes back soon!!

Ross Levine
Ross Levine

The floors were destroyed? Oh no! Those were original weren't they? Or at least old. I'm a little unsure how computers got damaged though if the water was "only" 4 feet high. But still, sucks to hear :/ .

Bob Russell
Bob Russell

That's too bad. It's a great little place. We've caught a couple of Carrie Elkin singing gigs there.


@Ross Levine A lot of people put their computers on the floor. Also, measure how high your desktop is off of the ground

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